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I blank stare at the green grass.
On the right side of the yard,
you are standing tall and proud.
You look strong and beautiful,
haughty and vulnerable.

The cloudy grey sky
does not seem to influence your attitude.
The disturbing wind bends your hat
you are standing there, in silence,
you choose your freedom
but not your loneliness.

I come close to you.
I want to see you clearly.
I want to feel your vibes.

I smell your petals
I breathe in your fragrances,
you breathe out my destiny.
Your aroma is compatible with my soul.
Something, deep inside,
goes to the right place…

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The morning has appeared
I cannot drag my body from the bed
I want to hibernate forever, hide from all
to forget my fears and unclear my instincts
cast a spell on my dreams
put my subconscious in the bottom drawer.

Suddenly, one of those miracle voices appears from within
the deepest layers of my soul,
the life-saving strength,
my grace and wisdom, saying
This too shall pass
and continues
even “if you cannot wash your hair don’t throw away your crown.

The voice clears out the cloudy scenery of my fields
carving positivity to the sky of my boredom…

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I was inspired by a hole in clothing...

He decided to put his tartan pyjamas to the bin
as a well-sized hole was mastering the crotch of his pants.
Instantly, a scene from the past came to my eyes
when this hole had opened the gates
to easily dig my hand into the secrets of his body.

They define the hole as broken, incomplete, torn,
hollow places that need to be filled.
But this hole feeds the woodpecker
with insect larvae hiding beneath the surface of the tree.

You might feel broken, blue or sad today.
You might believe that…

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

It’s about to make my choice …

as her attitude spelt the answer.

My head is dizzy

yet a strong force keeps me alive.

Too many “coincidences”

land like the messenger pigeon to my door

‘Go for it’,

‘If they don’t treat you well, leave,

A video flashes ‘Run, run, run.’

Another friend sends me a prayer.

No reason at all

She deeply knows

I need it all.

My friends’ powerful expression

cuddle my fears,

one voice is heard

We all are here.

It is not a coincidence

Synchronicity is her name

acting as a powerful knock

on my second…

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The first ice cream

marked the beginning of the spring

our clothes change weight,

they become lighter,

as the yellow woollen jumper transforms to a soft blue t-shirt

and the pair of ugly trousers to green short trousers.

The golden sun and red poppies

provoke us to come out of the protective cocoon,

our families.

My schoolmates, Tasia, Panagiotis and Alex,

are calling me to play dodgeball

in Kalogiron square, opposite to my house,

and my dog, Alit, keeps an eye on us

to be safe.

After this game,

we are cycling and roller skating

until the sun drops its…

Photo by Natalia Kokla

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

Red and love, kisses and roses are the protagonists of the day!!

I chose to post one of my favourite pieces of jewellery, the ladder, as I got inspired by its metaphorical connection to the day.

“Love is like a ladder,

made from wood or metal or marble

in different dimensions and shapes

depending on your karma story.

The ladder of love,

as Plato wrote in his Symposium,

is the ascending transformation of love

from the physical attraction of flesh

to the deep connection of two souls.

Every step on the ladder

makes you feel content

The relation-ship with our selves and others

Inspired by Alison’s class yesterday, I searched more for the word “relationship.” It is a closed compound word composed of two free-standing morphemes, relation+ship. Being touched by the second word, I wrote the following cascade form poem. It looks like a quatrain cascade but I added one more stanza.

For your information, ‘… for the cascade poem, a poet takes each line from the first stanza of a poem and makes those the final lines of each stanza afterwards. Beyond that, there are no additional rules for rhyming, meter, etc.’



It is 03:30 am. My head is running for the 100 metres at the Olympics. Apparently, neither my body structure nor my preferences could support any type of internal wisdom to sprint in such a race. Nevertheless, my mind has the first record in the 100 metres for women, indeed!

All the planning, to-do list, emails, tasks and /or complaints pass through the mind like a movie series… The front is not in black and white but in a mixture of tiffany blue, cadmium orange and emerald green. In the background, you can see the hazelnut beige, dandelion yellow and…

Natalia Kokla

My way to experience life and express my truth. And airy-fairy UK citizen from Greece.

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