Can we assume that storytelling is a piece of art?

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As long as I remember myself, I have been creating art with my hands, including jewellery, sculpture, and mosaic.

It was my godmother's idea and further encouragement in 2008… So, I started my journey to art by sculpting with plastilina when six months later, I blended art with holidays by attending two courses of mosaic in Mykonos island and marble sculpture in Paros island, Greece.

Then on, my art journey was contagious, and I wanted more and more… so attended additional jewellery classes of silversmithing and a dozen others, which were never enough for me… and I was hungrily added one more course to my to-do-list.

But what is Art for me?



Treatment of my soul…

Art is my way to give colours to my feelings, create a shape to my chaos, and give a picture to my inner self …

At the same time, art gives me the opportunity to express my emotions in red or blue, unfold my deepest fears in yellow and share my story with others in rose.

So, I was wondering: are my stories and this enthusiasm to write them a new type of art for me? Yes, they are, indeed.

It’s been a lot of years since I have watched the movie “Eat Pray Love.” Since then, I had been dreaming of writing a book about my life, including the parts I wanted to change and could not accept as problematic, and at the end, my unique way to improve my life and keep on walking. Every time of thinking to write down my story, I always said 'this is not possible, you are not a writer, you haven’t studied literature… Natalia, you think too highly for yourself.’

Until a July’s Sunday night, after a simple conversation with my boyfriend, seating on a bench by the Thames and drinking homemade Pimm’s in coffee mugs, when I realised how much I wanted to write stories about my life and connect with others who have similar beliefs or perspectives about our interactive trip to Cosmos…

Honestly, I cannot write about formulas on how to live longer, make your skin fresher or change your job…

The only thing I can tell you is how important is to do things that give joy to my life… and how mistakes are part this and how much denial is strong at this trip… And then, out of the blue, how my smile arrives back and move on, and make my change and all obstacles belong to the past.

Furthemore I can agree with you, my life might be irrelevant to you and my approach can work for you in a full, slight or not at all version.

Nevertheless, we all have to accept the body and shaking tremors when we read a story that is familiar to our subconscious inner self… We use to say ‘we do not know what to do next’ or ‘how to do this’ but we all deep inside have the answer.

I believe that conditions in lives do not miraculously change if we do not react in advance… I strongly believe that since we start changing our destiny, the universe does its best to make things fit in us. Also, the universe’s best move might not correlate to our expectations.

When I create art by writing my story and sharing it in the community, I have first experienced those feelings or moments by the time I talk to you about. So, I basically draw the honest version of my “present” by realising my wise reactions, wrong acts and moreover my stupidity. This is not meant to deteriorate my audience or to compare myself to others. It is just an attempt to interact with myself and you, and in general to find fellow travellers on this ride.

I can lead by example and cannot lead by my words or formulas; what works for me in life might be totally irrelevant to your life.

My way to experience life and express my truth. And airy-fairy UK citizen from Greece.

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